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Bamboo and Sustainable Material In Indonesia

In Bali, bamboo has been used in everyday life such as buildings, ceremonies, daily utensils, ropes, baskets, ladders, and others. But since globalization, bamboo has begun to be forgotten and people use other materials that are not environmentally friendly such as plastic baskets, etc. And bamboo soon had no value in society. Through our movement, we try to elevate the value of bamboo itself, encourage local people to plant bamboo that protects the soil, and open up opportunities for local craftsmen to explore their creativity.


Elevating Bamboo Value for Eco-Environment

Many types of bamboo can be found throughout Indonesia and people used for their daily needs, one of the most widely used bamboo for building is called "Petung" bamboo. Bamboo trees themselves have many important values for the environment, the most important of which is to absorb pollution in the air, conserve groundwater, and protect soil from landslides and erosion. Bamboo can be harvested quickly, grows fast, three to five years of bamboo is ready to use. And when we use a material for building, it is earthquake resistant, makes for a beautiful display, and can absorb negative energy.

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